Wilfried HaestPhoto by Kerri CottleWilfried Haest is an American artist living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was born in Belgium, and trained in the field of visual communication at the Higher Saint Lucas Art Institute in Brussels. From early on, he has been influenced by the Swiss school of graphic design and the principles of the Bauhaus school of design. 

After graduation, he worked for ten years as a free-lance graphic designer specializing in corporate image development. During this period, he had a number of shows, including an exhibition tour through Poland, including Gdansk, Warsaw, and Krakow.

In 1980, Haest attended the International Design Conference in Aspen, Colorado, where he met such luminaries as Saul Bass, Milton Glaser, Bernard Rudofsky, Moshe Safdie, and Henry Wolf. The conference had such a profound effect on him that he decided to come to North America.  Shortly thereafter, Haest immigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, and established himself as a free-lance graphic designer.  He also started building three-dimensional compositions, including 3-D logos that could be constructed as sculptures in front of buildings, but at the same time could be reduced to two dimensions for reproduction on print work and advertising.

Wilfried HaestPhoto by Kerri CottleAfter nineteen years in Canada, Wilfried Haest immigrated to the United States after marrying his wife, an American forensic psychiatrist.  He continued his work in corporate image design, while also teaching orthogonal drawing at the Boston Architectural College.

When his wife retired, they decided to move to the Land of Enchantment. Santa Fe was chosen for its cultural diversity  (fine arts, opera, symphony, gastronomy), as well as its incredible beauty.

Wilfried Haest has maintained dual Canadian/American citizenship. He is fluent in four languages: English, Dutch, French and German.