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In today's world, there are almost as many logos as there are companies. Some are as simple as the initials of the owner and some are as complicated as the computer allows it. However, good logos reflect particular criteria.

First of all, a logo should image the intrinsics of the company (or person) it represents and not the style of its designer. A logo for an Italian restaurant will therefore look different from a logo for a lumber yard. An effective way to accomplish that is to combine the shape of the initials (or name) of the company with the product or service it promotes. For example: anybody that sees the Ghent Grain Terminal (GGT) logo notices automatically the sheaf of grain. The same applies to COSFUR (a joint venture between China Ocean Shipping Co. and Furness Shipping) logo which shows a sea vessel with a bow, a Plimsoll mark and a rudder. 

A good logo should be 'flexible'; it should be readable or recognizable at all times, whether you blow it up to the size of a billboard or you reduce it to a lapel pin and all applications in between. Therefore, it should be bold and avoid fine details which disappear when reduced.

When the Austrian Airlines decided on a new logo, it submitted a selection of five proposals to an 'unsharpness' test and a 'movement' test. The idea behind was that the logo on the tail of an airplane should be readable from the control tower in the mist as well as during take off and landing. One of the five clearly stood  out among the others and was chosen. The same principle could be applied to logos and symbols that have to appear on cars, trucks and or trains.

Effective logos should be easy to reproduce: a limited amount of colors would make the printer's job a lot easier.

Most logos are two-dimensional. However, some can be designed as a three-dimensional concept that also can be reduced to two dimensions. Doing so, the logo can be fabricated as a statue in front of a building but yet be printed on stationery.