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Wilfried HaestWelcome to Wilfried Haest Design.

On this site, you will see an overview of my work in graphic design, spanning several decades, and three countries.

I grew up in Belgium, and worked there ten years as a free-lance graphic designer, specializing in corporate image design. In 1982, I moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, and designed there for nineteen years. Finally, I immigrated to the US and taught at the Boston Architectural College until I moved to the Land of Enchantment, Santa Fe, New Mexico. (More details in my Biography.)

Wherever I lived, I have left my tracks behind: a series of company logos for a multitude of customers, big and small, who needed a visual identity. The creation of a logo is often a challenge that is delegated to an advertising agency or a public relations company. However, some corporations contract out this specific artwork to specialized designers. In the past, I have been recognized for "Integrative Logo Design." This is a logo development whereby the name of the company is visually amalgamated with the shape of the product or service. As examples, see the logos for 'Ghent Grain Terminal,' 'COSFUR Shipping' and 'GALLERY 901.' (See more illustrations in Logos.)

Each of the logos is custom designed, and reflects the core vision of each company or organization. I firmly believe that the style should be adapted to the client and not per se the designer. That is why my customers come to me. In some cases, they would pay a significantly higher fee to an advertising agency, yet be given a design less individualized or of less artistic merit. (Read more in Logo Philosophy.)

Finally, feel free to browse through my photo collection and my blogs. You are welcome to download and/or publish any material as long as you mention the source or the photographer. Enjoy!